Sarah Piddington

Sarah Piddington

Safety, Wellbeing, Mental Health and Engagement Consultant


McKinsey and Company

National HSE Manager

In all my dealings with Sarah she was both focussed in her desire to achieve the correct results whilst doing this in such as way as to try to include both stakeholders and partners in the process – a difficult thing to achive. She continually set herself high standards and targets which she strove to achieve and was well regarded by both peers and colleagues.

Work Experience

Founder and CEO

Sarah Piddington Consulting Limited

September 2011 - Present


• Providing Wellbeing, Health and Safety project management and consulting services

• Working with leaders to drive real change and performance improvements

• Delivering training that inspires emotional engagement


• Wellbeing, Health, and Safety project management

• Interim Management

• Implementing H&S systems


• 1:1, group workshops, lecturing, conferences, Masterclasses on various topics

• Executive Programs

• Educational institutions


• Working with exec boards to drive real change and deliver long-term benefits

• Coaching Wellbeing, H&S and OH staff

• Implementing Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability programs and initiatives (CSR)

• Media: TV, Radio, Print


• Stress and Resilience

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

• Trauma risk management and Fatality Support

• Fatigue, sleep, nutrition, hydration, exercise

• Occupational Health

• Employee Assistance Programs

• Sickness Absence Management, ill-health retirements, staff retention, turnover

• Substance misuse and testing


• Policy writing, review and implementation

• Strategy

• Insurance

• OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, pending ISO 45001

• Evacuation strategies

• Preparing for a lawsuit

• Kidnap risk reduction, travel safety

• Educational institutions: how to incorporate Wellbeing, Health and Safety into their curricula


• Metropolitan Police

• British Transport Police

• easyJet (European airline)

• Citi (global bank)

• Property companies: Lee Baron, Mayforth, St Martin’s Property, Stockland

• Martifer (metallic construction)

• Hertz

• Heidelberg (large format printing presses)

• Interim Assist (safety consultancy)

• Doughty Hanson (private equity)

Wellbeing, Health, and Safety Consultant

Lee Baron (Chartered Surveyors)

August 2015 - December 2016

Contract | 3 months followed by ongoing retainer basis

• Conducted a full review of Lee Baron’s H&S systems, policies, and procedures. Quickly realised that wellbeing and stress were major issues so gained CEO, COO agreement to include wellbeing as a key area of focus.

• Significantly improved the organisational mindset towards Wellbeing, Health, and Safety through influencing and training the directors initially, and then the entire staff including senior management.

• Delivered Director’s Wellbeing, Health, and Safety Masterclass to the entire board, in depth H&S training for key roles, and general H&S training for every other member of staff (completed within 4 weeks).

• Identified areas missing from the WHS Framework and set an Action Plan with key milestones, which were reported to the Board regularly.

• Introduced a Wellbeing, Health, and Safety Policy which was fully rolled out through the entire organisation.

• Set a 3, 6 and 12-month WHS Strategy, which received full buy-in from each director.

• Implemented reporting and governance processes.

• Analysed current H&S resource allocation, deemed insufficient; recruited a WHS Manager.

• Mentored and coached WHS Manager.

• Delivered in depth WHS training to all surveyors and associates, Centre / Building / Ops Managers, plus relevant support staff.

• Responded to serious WHS issues as they arose, providing guidance and support to management and site staff.

• Improved control and consistency throughout the portfolio, resulting in better visibility for senior management, allowing a cohesive approach to managing risk throughout the organisation and its assets.

• Designed a programme of internal communications including wellbeing campaigns.

• Rolled out the Employee Assistance Plan, further engendering the commitment to employee wellbeing.

• Conducted regular reviews of progress including tracking against 6-month strategy targets and reported to the executive board.

Interim Head of Safety and Wellbeing

British Transport Police

July 2013 - June 2014

Contract | 12 months including 4 extensions

Reporting to the Assistant Chief Constable of Corporate Resources, I acted as Interim Head of Safety and Wellbeing for BTP, bringing about organisational change.

Key achievements:

• Led a major internal review after discovering issues with risk identification & management.

• Significantly increased legal compliance.

• Acted as Subject Matter Expert on the ‘Gold Group’ which was formed to manage BTP’s highest Wellbeing, Health & Safety risks.

• Formed and led the ‘Safety and Wellbeing Team’; restructured H&S and Occupational Health (OH) teams, resulting in better reporting & stronger line management (14 specialists + 3 support).

• Liaised with BTP Federation (Union) Reps, ensuring they were consulted on changes to officers’ conditions, risks, etc.

• Line managed the OH Manager, providing support in pushing through urgent service improvements.

• Advised various teams including Counter Terrorism Support Unit, Firearms, Custody, Body Recovery, Suicide Prevention, Special Scientific Unit, dog search teams, and general purpose dog teams.

• Improved Trauma Management training (TRiM) and associated services to provide support for those suffering from trauma-related issues.

• Streamlined cumbersome SOPs, making them easily digestible and impactful.

• Reviewed all officer and staff training, significantly improving the quality of information, in turn increasing the resilience of BTP’s people.

• Introduced a vaccinations policy for the protection of BTP’s officers.

• Worked with British Transport Police Authority (controlling Authority) to ensure they were meeting their Duty of Care.

• Supported Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team including specialist vaccinations for high risk countries.

• Improved Employee Assistance Program support and reporting.

Education & Qualifications

Birkbeck University

Critical Approaches to Positive Psychology

2017 - 2017

March on Stress

Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) Managers’ Course

2014 - 2014

March on Stress

Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) Practitioners’ Course

2014 - 2014


IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management

2007 - 2007


NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health

2006 - 2007


NEBOSH General Certificate

2004 - 2004

About Sarah Piddington

Sarah is a Consultant, Interim Manager, Trainer & Public Speaker who has extensive commercial and public sector experience. Her fields of expertise are Health & Safety, Wellbeing & Mental Health, Engagement & Productivity, and Leadership & Management. She has a track record of

  • Increasing productivity through improved Wellbeing and Engagement
  • Providing World Class project management and consulting services
  • Working with leaders to drive real change and performance improvements
  • Delivering training that inspires engagement
  • Bringing about change in people through education on emotional intelligence, self awareness & neuroscience


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