Acre's screening of Before the Flood in partnership with The Crowd

By Mary McCarthy on 16th Feb 2017

Before the Flood shows Leonardo Di Caprio’s three year journey alongside Director Fisher Stevens, travelling the globe to document the devastating impacts of climate change. He addresses the effect the human race has made, but what is arguably more disturbing, is his questioning of humanity’s inclination to reverse these catastrophic problems.

The film features the most influential individuals the world has to offer, from Barack Obama, The Pope, and the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, it time to start facing the facts, all for the purpose of giving people a sense of urgency, and understanding. There’s no disputing that this is not a feel good film, this is a documentary to make you think. The message is clear from start to finish – we need to act now, and act fast.

In the film, Di Caprio visits the latest project of Tesla in the Nevadan desert with its founder, Elon Musk. They explore the Gigafactory, aiming to be in full operation by 2020, producing 500,000 electric vehicles and batteries equal to 85 GWh/yr. Musk shocks by stating how just 100 Gigafactories are needed to provide for the whole world. If all the big companies do this, then we can accelerate the transformation and, if governments can set the rules in favour of sustainable energy, then we can get there really quickly.

In partnership with The Crowd, Acre invited over 140 CEO’s, MD’s, Directors and other senior positions from a range of multinational, large corporates and non-for-profit, ranging from, Drax, Jaguar Land Rover, PwC, Oxfam, University of Cambridge, Shell, and Tesco just to name a few, to give an insight as to how they can make a difference.

As the closing credits ran, Jim Woods, CEO of The Crowd, rounded the film off by introducing Jonathon Porritt CBE, British environmentalist and writer, known for his advocacy of the Green Party, and Meryam Omi, Head of Sustainability for Legal & General IM, for an insightful Q&A discussion.

First asking the audience if they felt motivated by this film, there was no surprise to see the vast majority of hands raised. The few unmotivated explained they found the film too negative, proposing that Di Caprio should instead have equally focused more on the solutions as opposed to primarily showing the detrimental affect the human race has already made.

Discussion then led onto what the solutions are. The scale of change required now means that companies and industries need to make the changes, individuals don’t stand a chance.

Richard Wright, CEO of Acre ended the discussion by offering up further opportunities to host screenings of Before the Flood, before inviting everyone to continue the discussion at the bar.

As a business we take it upon ourselves to be disruptive when it comes to events, and have been incredibly proud of the success of the first in the series of the Acre Film Club. Stay tuned for next time...