New Acre Bench Members - October

21st Oct 2016

The Acre Bench is a managed network of best in class safety, sustainability and environmental interim consultants. Bench members cover a range of disciplines and each member is an expert in their selected specialisms. All Bench members have been carefully selected and accredited by Acre and can be mobilised at short-notice for a short consultancy piece or a longer term interim assignment.

In October, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of four new Acre Bench members to the community.

Dr. Anna Harvey

Dr. Anna Harvey is a Supply Chain Consultant and Co-founder of 3shifts with a PhD in Green Chemistry and over 10 years’ experience working in the garment sector. She is passionate about using commercial acumen to help build stronger, more resilient supply chains that are financially successful whilst minimising negative impacts on the environment and maximising positive impacts for people and communities. As a skilled facilitator, she is highly effective in fostering collaboration amongst a broad range of stakeholders, including workers, production sites, industry bodies, global brands and retailers, NGOs and academics to drive forward positive developments within supply chains. She has worked in manufacturing for Coats Viyella, Jaeger and Nike, in retail as the Ethical Trade Manager at Marks & Spencer, and as the Business and Innovations Manager for a leading industry consultancy, Impactt.

Skills & Expertise:

Anna has a unique mix of experience of devising innovative brand strategies and implementing these across supply chains with a solid commercial acumen and entrepreneurial flair seen in her freelance network that she has co-founded.

Find out more about Dr. Anna Harvey here.

Sarah Piddington

Sarah is a Health & Wellbeing specialist with a vision of Profitability through Wellbeing. Sarah believes that when you look after your people better, you make more money. Sarah has extensive commercial and public sector experience and has a track record of: Improving profitability through WHS, providing world class WHS project management and consulting services, working with leaders to drive real change and performance improvements, and delivering training that inspires emotional engagement.

Skills & Expertise:

Sarah’s approach to wellbeing is unique on the Bench because she has a strong commercial focus highlighting the financial advantages for organisations to address mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace. She has a wide array of international experience from working on large scale public sector projects to intimate corporate facing roles, as well as having high visibility in her area of expertise as an influential social media figure.

Find out more about Sarah Piddington here.

Judith Cherry

Judith is a Diversity & Inclusion professional, specialising in gender with an expertise in research, consultancy and coaching. She has over 15 years of experience in collaborative research and consulting projects on diversity and inclusion as a lever for organisational transformation. She has a strong belief in the power of combining robust research and evidence-based consulting advice with a practical and empathetic approach to working with clients.

Skills & Expertise include:

She is a unique addition to Diversity & Inclusion specialism on the Bench with a focus on the social side of D&I and corporate responsibility.

Find out more about Judith Cherry here.

David Collier

David has worked in the energy and utilities sector for over 25 years. He specialises in helping large corporations reduce energy consumption to identify and implement significant savings in state of the art buildings, mainly through optimisation of the buildings' operation.

Skills & Expertise include:

He has a diverse portfolio in energy and utilities so his profile will supplement our efforts to upgrade the quality of our energy sector network on the Bench. He is a recognised expert in his field and regularly speaks at national events.

Find out more about David Collier here.

Hamid Senni

Hamid is an Interim Diversity & Inclusion Specialist with particular expertise in designing and delivering programmes for European and international businesses.

Skills & Expertise include:

Reason for adding to Acre Bench: His strategic/analytical approach to Diversity & Inclusion stemming from his former experience at KPMG is a skill set not yet represented on the Bench.  

Find out more about Hamid Senni here.