Infographic - Health & Safety Digest - Contract & Interim 2016

19th Sep 2016

Acre, the market leader in health, safety and sustainability recruitment for over a decade, has released the latest instalment in a new series of infographics. The latest digest focuses on the UK’s thriving health & safety contract and interim market.

Between March–May and April–June 2016, the importance of freelance and interim workers to employers rose in three key areas. The support they provide for ‘responding to growth’ rose 8 per cent (to 54%), their value in managing ‘fast-changing organisational requirements’ increased by 5 per cent (to 58%) and their ability to ‘provide short-term access to key strategic skills’ rose by 3 per cent according to ‘The Recruitment & Employment Confederation Jobs Outlook for July 2016’. Acre alone has seen requests for our contractor network increase by 136% across the summer months of 2016.