IOSH welcomes Brexit pledge on workers' rights

By Gem Childe on 7th Feb 2017


The recently published Brexit white paper lists protecting workers’ rights as one of 12 principles that will guide the UK government during its negotiations. It aims to provide “certainty and continuity to employees and employers alike, creating stability in which the UK can grow and thrive”.

Richard Jones, head of policy and public affairs at the institution, said: “IOSH welcomes the government’s Brexit white paper commitment that the UK will remain a world-leader on workers’ rights and will ensure adequate legal protections in the changing labour market – all essential for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions across the sectors.

“We are also pleased that the government has confirmed that, as early as it can, it wishes to relieve uncertainty for affected workers and employers by securing the status of EU nationals already in the UK, and UK nationals in Europe.”

IOSH will be responding shortly to a separate green paper on corporate governance, published recently by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

It seeks views in areas where there are options for updating the corporate governance framework. In relation to occupational health and safety these include:

- Whether measures could increase the connection between boards of directors and other groups with an interest in corporate performance such as employees and suppliers.

- Whether the requirements for corporate governance reporting that apply to listed companies should be extended to large privately held companies and/or businesses within different types of ownership.

IOSH would like to include the views of its members in its response to the green paper consultation. Those interested in having their comments considered for inclusion should email by Friday 10 February.