Americans keen for eco knowledge

By Gemma Childe on 16th Apr 2013

71 per cent of Americans consider the environment when they shop, say Cone Communications.

An impressive 71 per cent of Americans consider the environment when they shop but need more educating in green matters, according to research.

The five-year benchmark of the 2013 Cone Communications Green Gap Trend Tracker shows nearly half of consumers actively seek out environmental information about the products they buy.

However Americans still struggle with their role in the lifecycle of products with an environmental benefit with just 30 per cent saying they use products in the correct way to benefit the environment and only 42 per cent dispose of products in a way that considers the environment.

Nearly all respondents (85%) want companies to educate them on how to properly use and dispose of products but claim they don’t always have the know-how.

One-third of consumers said they didn't have the adequate resources, such as disposal bins and community access, to dispose of or use products as intended.

Liz Gorman, Cone Communications’ senior vice president of Sustainable Business Practices, said: “The new green gap is about consumers only taking the idea of responsibility so far, despite feeling responsible for proper use and disposal."

“They’re buying with the environment in mind, but they rely on companies to provide access and education to truly ‘close the loop’.”

Almost three-quarters (71%) of consumers wish companies would do a better job of helping them understand environmental terms. 

Ms Gorman added: “Consumers are ready to follow through on the intended use or disposal of environmentally preferred products, but they need companies’ help.

“This is the next evolution of environmental marketing. Clear and candid communication can ensure consumers understand the important role they play in minimising the impacts associated with the product’s lifecycle.”