Gordon Bedford

Director of EHS and CSR, Mattel Inc.


Gordon Bedford is Director of EHS and CSR at Mattel Inc. Based in Hong Kong, Gordon has delivered transformational change in EHS since his arrival at Mattel in January 2015. Gordon has focused on building long term capability and embedding common standards across the top 9 risk areas, along with implementing innovative engagement programmes such as Play with Care, the Mattel Leadership Journal and 2468 Drive. This resulted in a reduction in recordable injuries of over 37% in year one and unprecedented leader involvement and front line engagement in EHS.

Setting the Scene

Mattel strives to create toys for children that are safe. It looks to reduce its environmental impact and build toys in facilities that adhere to high standards. Mattel is committed to strong ethical and environmental performance.

Upon joining Mattel, the company was on a trajectory of improvement in EHS and CSR, hence the creation of Gordon’s role, Director EHS and CSR, which he began in January 2015. 

Achieving Rapid Safety Impact

A selection of activities Gordon has created and integrated into Mattel include:

Creating a Lasting Legacy

Through Leadership, Systems, People and Aspiration, Gordon has ensured that change is strategic, long-term and proactive within Mattel. Programmes have been developed to create an immediate impact and to have long term transformation, which will become a legacy.

Advice for Creating Positive Impact

“Be strategic. Make change for long term improvement that builds core growth. Ensure that programmes link to the culture of the business and the priorities that the business has. EHS shouldn't be a tack on. Rather than Business + safety, safety should be an enabler to business success that helps the business to achieve all of its objectives, in a safe way.

“The core elements of EHS are Leadership, Systems, People and Aspiration. Aspiration is what drives continuous improvement and ensures that "good enough" isn't good enough.”

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